Richard Senior

is a television

drama director based in London.

Rich was always a bit of a Clever Dick. He was supposed to go to Cambridge University, but upset his Mum by wanting to do something creative instead of studying boring stuff that dead people did. He much preferred telling stories, going to the cinema and watching far too much television. So he went to Bournemouth University to study Film and TV, loved it, made some award-winning short films, and got a 'first' that nobody ever asks about.


Then Rich became an Assistant Director, making tea on the sets of dramas and feature films like Batman Begins and Alexander, which was great fun even though he doesn't drink tea.

He impressed some nice people with his ideas and got a job as a Creative making promos at a lovely place called Red Bee Media. He started cutting up old comedies, won lots of shiny awards, and was soon writing, directing and editing advertising campaigns for big drama series on the BBC.


But much as he loved advertising other people's stories, he'd always wanted to tell his own. So in 2010 he went freelance, started Clever Dick Productions and relocated to Cardiff to work on various ridiculously exciting projects for BBC Wales. His many mini Doctor Who adventures turned out rather well and he was soon asked to shoot an entire episode, making him the youngest ever director of the show since it returned in 2005. And that went rather well too. "Let's Kill Hitler" got nominated for Director Debut Of The Year at the Edinburgh International Television Festival Channel Of The Year Awards in 2012. 


He's now based back in London, directing for whoever asks nicely. He mostly makes opening episodes and season finalés of primetime dramas, ensuring they get off on the right foot and go out with a suitable bang. 


Rich is enthusiastic, passionate and gregarious. He will work for chocolate. Under no circumstances should he be given caffeine. 


So Rich is still a bit of a Clever Dick. And even though he didn't go to 

Cambridge, his Mum is very proud, mostly because she now has Kevin Costner's autograph and a framed photo of her son outside the TARDIS.